It’s a Great Time to Divide Hostas and Other Perennials

Mid-August is a great time of year to divide hostas and perennials because proper nighttime temperatures encourage rapid root development. Cut off all brown leaves when you replant new divisions. For hostas, it is actually safe to cut off all leaves, leaving “celery stalks,” especially if the leaves are severely bleached or bedraggled.

3 thoughts on “It’s a Great Time to Divide Hostas and Other Perennials

  1. Hi Jeff
    We have been busy updating our hosta garden this time of year, but had a question about another plant we wanted to add next year, caladium. Many of the websites talk about having to dig this up each year, but I wanted to check and see if you had had any luck with caladium being hardy enough to survive Missouri winters without having to be be removed over the winter. We have generally had good luck with traditional elephant ear plants coming back each year, we have just not had any of the smaller bicolor varieties. Do you have any experience with these?. We were going to email you, but couldn’t find your current email address.


    Teresa Perkins


    • Sorry for the long lack of reply! I am not sure but it would be worth a try, just pick a few good spots. I put at least a 12 inch thick pile of ground leaves (lawn mower mulch) over my elephant ears and it works great. So good, in fact, that I’m going to expand my collection. But one good old-fashioned cold winter cold wipe them all out. Still worth that risk! Keep me posted.

      On Sun, Oct 1, 2017 at 2:00 PM The Unfiltered Gardener wrote:



    • Hey guys! I’m sooo sorry that I haven’t replied to your question in a timely manner. I’ve not heard of anyone having success with overwintering caladium bulbs, but they are certainly cheap enough to give it a try! Use at least 1 ft of leaves on top of the area. Keep me posted if you try it!


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