Please accept my apologies!

Dear readers, followers and anyone else silly enough to read my blogs,

I’ve been very negligent in writing, and I could list a ton of excuses, but I shant bore you with them. When my daughters were growing up, complaining about this-and-that, I’d always say, “Excuses are for losers!” But they’d ignore me and continue on with their whining! I will share that I tend to write when when my consulting efforts diminish, and I have time to be bored.

My youngest daughter is in the business of marketing, research and promotion. She tells me that a real blogger posts no fewer than 24 times a year, and 100 times a year should be my goal. Huh? I think that high number is goofy and unwanted by the five or six folks that follow me!

I’ll be reorganizing my blogs in a way that organizes the subjects on a calendar basis, so that new followers can jump in and get educated, no matter when they come across this website. After all, how many times must I write about crabgrass herbicides? How many times to do want to read recycled blogs?

There are soooo many new topics I’d like to write about. My first new blog is gonna be a monster.  Beware those woody vines! They’ll destroy your evergreens and hedges. They’ll consume your woodland edge! They’ll bring huge trees down in ice storms and thunderstorms. Everywhere I look I see destructive vines. And you’ll be shocked to learn that the dang birds are responsible for this devastation!

Another topic of interest is why y’all shouldn’t use “weed fabric” or “landscape fabric” in your mulch beds. Such a stupid practice!

If you like my site, please follow me. And please tell others about me. If you don’t like my site, send me a comment and start a discussion (probably more like an argument!).

Let’s get greening!




3 thoughts on “Please accept my apologies!

  1. Welcome back Trav! I thought you had grown frustrated with the world and moved on from public life. 😉 It’s good to have you back. Our lawns missed you.

    I know you have extensive knowledge of herbicides. Last fall I applied Ornamec in an attempt to rid myself of the last of some bermuda grass. I’ve used it effectively in the past. I don’t know if I mixed it wrong or maybe it was old and expired but it browned my tall fescue where I sprayed it. I’m not sure its dead because it didn’t seem to wilt away or fall over. It’s like it retained its body but just lost its color. It’s not easily pulled out of the ground so that makes me think the roots are still strong and alive.

    So what do you think, dead or dormant? If it’s dead then I seed and keep PRE off that section. Dormant and I PRE the entire yard and expect the fescue to recover and I get to keep weeds from taking over.

    Good to have you and your experience back.
    Big D

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    • Hey BigD,
      I’m probably doing too much consulting, because I love to write about horticulture and bitch at people. My wife is a saint!

      Regarding your Ornamec experience I can’t tell you if your turf is damaged but me thinks you’ll know in about a month! Why don’t you try Tenacity instead? It will weaken the bermuda with repeated applications, AND it’s safe for use in newly seeded areas. A bottle will cost you about $70 from
      Thanks for sticking with me!


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