About Me

947068_10200279448294881_2065652950_nAfter nearly 34 years working in agriculture and crop science, I’m officially “retired” from the corporate world and I am now working as an independent consultant in both agronomic and horticulture fields, under my existing company, Missouri Tree & Turf, LLC.

I have been active in the field of horticulture since the age of 12, and I started working at an agricultural company immediately after graduating from Mizzou with an MS in Horticulture. Specifically, I specialized in Research and Development, primarily in the advanced discovery and early product development phases of research. Horticulture isn’t much different than agronomy because it’s all about growing the very best plants. In my career, I made significant a contribution to at least 20 different herbicide brand launches, along with important transgenic crop product. Most notable of these accomplishments are my roles in the development of products such as halosulfuron (MANAGE! and Permit), sulfosulfuron (Maverick, Outrider), acetochlor (Degree) and nearly half a dozen Roundup brands for global markets. For the last five years at Monsanto I focused my leadership efforts on advancing novel dicamba formulations all the way from discovery to commercialization (Roundup Xtend, Xtendimax). One of the most rewarding projects in my career was providing leadership and contributions to the company’s effort to develop effective Application Requirements that help keep dicamba (and other herbicides) on-target.

In the late 1980’s I developed the very best fertility plan for cool season turf in the transition zone, called THE PLAN and the THE TURF PLAN (both of which are trade-marked). I’m now working to perfect an extremely low-maintenance lawn plan, Bee Friendly Lawns! I have consulted over the years under the Missouri Tree & Turf name.